Email Counselling Payment Options

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If you have not filled out a client registration form click here!

Please purchase your counselling session below. I’m looking forward to working with you 🙂

Once you have paid for your sessions send your 1st email to  (you will receive a response within 48 hours).

3 email exchanges = 60$AUD.

Purchase Email Exchange:

Direct Bank Deposit

Vibrant Women

BSB: 803-205

Account Number: 20375892

Please write your name in the reference section

To use PayPal

What to put in your first email

A guideline is provided below to help get you started, feel free however to format the email anyway you want. The first email is an introduction, you are letting me know a little bit about yourself, your situation and any other background information you might think relevant.

• An introduction to you i.e. how old you are, if you work or study or are a stay at home mum/dad etc.
• You may then outline any current issues that are affecting you. You might also mention how long this problem has been happening and what other things you might have tried to address it.
• It’s good to outline what you were hoping to get out of this contact and any other support you think I may be able to provide to you.Its best is if you save it as a word document and attach it to the email that way you don’t lose it as can happen sometimes if you type directly into your email page, plus you can save it and come back to it later and add more and it also provides you with a saved copy to refer back to.

Please be mindful of computer and internet security. Vibrant Women Personal Development cannot be held responsible if a third party (such as your partner or children) reads your emails. Regularly change your email passwords and make sure you log out of email account after every session.

I always endeavour to respond within 48 hours with any thoughts, suggestions, questions, ideas and activities I may have in response to your email. You will have to ignore my grammar and punctuation they are terrible and it’s seems too late for me to learn, I’ve tried, really I have.

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Warm Regards, Tammie