I have turned my skincare routine into a self love ritual, that I cannot now do without

It took me years to take to a proper skincare routine. In fact it’s only been the last 18 months that I could call it regular. At 45 you really start to notice the tone and texture of your skin changing. All those years at the beach are taking their toll. My exasperated skin specialist laments, “for Gods sake Tammie stay out of the sun, you’ve had enough skin damage for 3 lifetimes). Yikes!

Now don’t get me wrong its not as though I haven’t washed my face for the last 30 years, but now I have developed a ritual out of my skincare routine that has become sacred. 

For some reason skin care always seemed so boring to me, and to be honest I never saw any real benefits, so why waste all that money. However waste money I did! I’ve succumbed to television shopping and bought my fair share of skin miracle products, I think I have the entire Nude range and also something called a  DermaWAnd (still not entirely sure what it’s used for). Most recently I bought black head remover advertised on Facebook, well I could have just gone out the front of my house on a hot day and dug up a bit of road and slapped that on, because I am pretty sure that’s where they got the stuff from. Also did not remove any blackheads however did wax my entire face.

So I acknowledge that part of me wants to improve the feel and appearance of my skin, but the other part of me is lazy and thinks if it can’t be done  in the shower forget it, that is until I had a facial that changed my life. Now before you start to groan inwardly, (I would too) this is not an advertisement, I’m just telling you what I do, my skin is different to yours and will have different requirements. And really there are a lot of great natural skin care products such as coconut oil for removing make-up and Bi-Carbonate Soda for cleansing, you can make your own exfoliants, check out this great article from She Makes Magic to cleanse your face just using oil and some apple cider vinegar. Below however are the products I use for my skincare routine. The morning ritual feels more practical and is driven by a desire for my skin to have even colour tone and feel soft, moisturised and be protected. The evening routine has become a gorgeous sacred ritual, that I just love, because I have more time and can do it in the half light, or with a candle burning, sometime I even put on music and just really enjoy this special time, (Did I mention I don’t have children so am not just falling face down into bed at 8.30pm still in my work clothes).

When I do this I actually feel better, there is also a component of aromatherapy involved and if you are wanting to use your skincare as a mood enhancer try the “Love System from the Australian Bush Flower Essencesdivine. 


I use Medik8 CE- Tetra which after my shower, this is a high strength Vitamin C used to combat sun-induced damage to the skin and maintain collagen production, increase the skin’s elasticity and density, as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion. It’s $$$ but has brightened my skin considerably, great for balancing pigmentation. 

Then from the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Collection the Correction Eye Cream, my favourite product the Intensive Renewal Serum which supports collagen and allows deep moisturising and then a moisturiser, I play around with these I don’t think I’ve found my perfect moisturiser just yet. It’s hard to manage the combination of aging skin and acne prone skin (wtf!)


In the evening I use Sukins Micellar Cleansing Water, this is my new favourite product, its a no-rinse cleanser that thoroughly cleanses skin without causing a tight, dry feeling. It contains tiny molecules to grip tightly onto dirt and grime, aloe vera to soothe and hydrate skin, and chamomile and cucumber to calm. The cleansing water is scented with a hint of vanilla extract. It’s perfect for when I’m travelling you can have that fresh face feeling all the time without actual water and great before bed after a long day. You can buy it from chemist warehouse for $10.

I do still however cleanse after the micellar water and I use the FC5 Purifying cleanser and toner because of my oily combo skin, (I’m a sucker for any two in one products) and for only $41 this one is the bomb I’ve had it for two years I kid you not! With the Arbonne products you such a tiny amount they are great value.

Then I alternate with various scrubs, masks and exfoliants, once a week, see our article on how to set up a skin care routine here for more information.

I finish with the FC5 Moisturising Night Cream and Hydrating Eye Cream.

The self care routine has made such a difference to my skin but also to my state of mind, I start each day feeling calm and refreshed and I end each day feeling nourished and relaxed. Its worth the 5 minutes it takes I guarantee it. 

If you would like any further information about any of the Arbonne products please contact Tammie can also purchase products for you or you can log in directly to the Arbonne website here and use the consultant ID – 613459137, you require an ID number to make any purchases.


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