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At Vibrant Women we have created our own tried and tested approach to running retreats. This model has been developed over 7 years of research, testing and making adjustments to get the balance just right. We offer retreats to women that focus on personal development, pampering and self care and cultural or spiritual activities.

Let me share my winning methodology with you, so you can run your own successful retreats!

This Retreat Planning and Facilitation Coaching is perfect for people who have been dreaming of running their own successful retreats and just need some guidance to gain the confidence to embark on this exciting journey. Tammie’s goal is to provide each Retreat Facilitator with the tools, resources and a framework to create and run their own successful retreats based on their interests, qualifications and personality.

The Process

Coaching is provided via telephone or live video chat. Each session lasts for one hour. In addition to discussions you will also receive readings, worksheets, contacts and additional activities to support you towards running your own dream retreat. 

The Price

For only $80AUD a session you can create the job of your dreams and save yourself endless mistakes and hassles. I wish this was available to me when I first started running my retreats!

The Biz! (just some of the things we may cover in your sessions)

     Building a retreat that focuses on your strengths

    • How to use your personal skills to your advantage i.e. don’t waste time and money doing things you don’t enjoy or you are not really geared towards

    • Finding your theme and dream

    • Addressing any personal blocks to success

    • Facing your fears regarding facilitating your own retreat

    How to build your audience and market your retreats

    • Marketing materials and how to sell your retreat – printed materials, online marketing, newsletters, blogs, Facebook (business pages, ads, event pages and follow up groups) and Instagram

    • Identifying your target audience

    • Planning follow on programs, merchandise, e-books etc to sell at/after your retreat

    Planning your retreat

    • How to price your retreat

    • How to decide on location, accommodation, groups size, meals etc. all the on the ground logistics.

    • Disclaimers, insurance and cancellation policies

    • How to take bookings and payments

    • Working with staff around preparations and things that aren’t working 

    • Getting the balance right of activities and down time 

    • How to create a personalised experience 

    • Staying calm when the wheels fall off, (an inevitably they will!) 

    • How to schedule your program so you have some down time to maintain energy

    Groupwork Skills 

    • The basics of groupwork skills – the 5 stages of groupwork, flexibility and reading the group, group rules and setting boundaries, keeping people on track

    • Managing unhappy people

    • How to support people who are ill or injured

    • What to do if you become an accidental counsellor

Meet Tammie

Hi and welcome! I am a Australian-based Counsellor, Yoga, Mindfulness and Nia Dance Teacher, Retreat Facilitator and  Training Coach.

I am the founder of Vibrant Women. A job that enables me to pursue everything that makes my heart sing.

I have been running retreats for over 7 years now and have developed a successful model for  the planning, marketing, administration, facilitation and evaluation of retreats. These are the skills I will share with you to save you lots of tears.

I look forward to supporting you to follow your dreams. 

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2015 – Nia Dance Teacher Training

2014 – Yogalates Teacher Training

2013 – Charles Sturt University – Masters of Social Work

2005 – Southern Cross University – Bachelor of Social Science Majoring in (Human Services and Counselling and Mediation)

1996 – QLD TAFE – Dip of App Science – Human Services

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover. ” – Mark Twain

One of the reasons I started running my own retreats was because I couldn’t find a package that met my personal  preferences. A lot of retreats I found I liked the sound of, but perhaps the balance of activities weren’t right i.e. too much yoga or meditation, or not enough free time. Often twin share was compulsory and being a light sleeper and a snorer made this not an option for some of us, (or some other poor person!) I wanted to have fun, eat good food, make new friends, explore a different culture, relax and rejuvenate, soak in the beauty of a different landscape and learn something new about myself.

If this sounds like what you want to offer your clients then you are in the right place!

This Coaching is for you if: 

  • You have tried to run your own retreats however they just haven’t turned out how you would have liked, or they haven’t made the money you thought they would

  • You love to travel and you have something to share with others in a retreat, but you just aren’t sure how to go about starting

  • You have an audience already through something you teach for example writing, art, yoga, massage etc. and you would like to expand your services to also run retreats. You can Save time and energy by teaching to a group instead of one to one. 

  • You’re ready for a life change but feel kinda depleted and would like some help to gain motivation and inspiration about a new career direction

  • You want to find locations and activities that compliment what it is you teach. So if you teach aromatherapy, of course heading to a lavender farm or perfumery to learn how to blend scents would work perfectly. Also I can think of several destinations that would lend itself to such a retreat including France and Egypt.  

  • You don’t know how to structure the administration of retreat ie how to take bookings and payments etc. how to get all of your necessary systems in place for a smooth and easy booking process for you and your clients. 

  • You’re concerned about finding the right type of insurance and making sure you have all the legal documents and disclaimers you require.

Schedule Your appointment! Its exciting!!

Use the button below to schedule an appointment online, otherwise contact 

If there is not a session available at a time that suits you on our online booking calendar or your web browser is not opening the calendar please email with your time request, we are only too happy to help. 

Preparing for your session

For your session you can choose either skype or telephone. My skype name is or you can use my email address to find me, otherwise if you prefer to be contacted via phone please forward your phone number.

Also a good idea is to write down topic points and prioritise them in order of importance so you make sure you cover whats most important to you during your session. 

Payment Options

You can pay for your session via direct bank deposit, please make sure your appointment is confirmed before paying for your session.  

Vibrant Women

BSB: 803-205

Account Number: 20375892

or you can pay via PayPal using the button below

“Training to be a retreat leader with Tammie supported me to build my confidence that I could! Firstly the training retreat was full of information and experiential learning. This training gave space to the creative spirit and the adventurer within me. Sharing it with like minded potential trainers and guided by Tammie’s experience was invaluable. So that’s the internal support, without that I wouldn’t have dared to dream. But then there is the work! The nuts and bolts: budgeting, accommodation, marketing, group dynamics, food, bookings, and on it went…. I must mention the after care, well follow up, but it has really been caring and advising as I get closer to my retreats. Sometimes it all seemed too much of a pipe dream and with support I have not given up. I am sure Radiant Awakenings will run nurturing, caring, supportive, wonderful retreats – because Tammie has taught me how”. With love and gratitude, Kaye O’Brien – Radiant Awakenings. You can visit Kaye’s website and see her fabulous retreat here 

Kaye O'Brien, Radiant Awakenings

“Participation in the Facilitator Retreat Training was the beginning of a new direction for me. Being involved in the training gave me the confidence and resources to develop, plan and write my own programmes. So inspired, l ran a sizzling salsa retreat about 4 months after the training was completed. Tammie was very generous in sharing her knowledge and skills, to support the trainees to develop their own retreat plans. I appreciated how organised Tammie was, her punctuality, her sense of humour and l think she is a role model to aspire to.  Finally, l have really valued the on-going support, patience and feedback that Tammie has continued to offer”. You can view Angie’s fabulous retreats at

Angela McColl, See Change Retreats

I first met Tammie on a one day retreat a couple of years ago that she was holding in Brisbane. I immediately felt comfortable and connected to her and I remember thinking how authentic and amazing she was as a teacher and holder of woman’s space.

I felt inspired by Tammie as she seems to make everything she does easy and blissful. When her retreat facilitators course was advertised I had no hesitation what so ever to book into this course as I personally feel Tammie is an excellent mentor and teacher, training under Tammie was nothing short of a blessing. During my training as a retreat facilitator I felt safe and supported every step of the way. As a trainer she is very organised and the content delivered was well thought out. After completing my training with Tammie, I felt confident to run my own retreats. I now have my first fully booked retreat in Bali next May! I would not hesitate to recommend Tammie if you require support to facilitate your own retreat.

You can find Marni and her retreats at Sacred Breath Yoga and Retreats 


Must have a teachable modality, something that would transfer well to the retreat environment. There are many options apart from the usual ones such as movement and art based retreats. Yoga is synonymous with retreats but what about dance or personal training. Mind based programs such as meditation and life coaching are also very popular. Art retreats such as photography or jewellery making are great fun! You do not need to be able to provide all of the content for retreats yourself, depending on the location you can engage local people to support you i.e. to teach yoga or a cooking class. It is important though to have a clear intention or theme for your retreat, and a well thought out program outline that feeds into what it is you want people to take away from the experience.

Think about what it is you would bring as a retreat facilitator, what knowledge and classes you could share with participants to make their time special and unique and different to other retreats. 

Must be able to be away from home for short periods of time. If you wish to be able to run regular retreats you must have the capacity to travel. It would be fine starting out just to run one or two retreats a year and you could use annual holidays to take the time but if you are looking to make more income from retreats you need the flexibility and desire to travel. For example people with small children may find this difficult, unless you have very good and stable support. 

This Coaching is not for you if:

  • You are wanting to run just sightseeing holidays, you would be better to do a tour operator course in this instance

  • You don’t have a modality to teach, for example you may love to attend retreats and think I can do that, however it is important to have the right qualifications and to have something additional to a holiday experience to offer people. 

  • You think its an easy way to make money and that basically you are on holidays all the time, um sorry lots of hard work required. 

  • You don’t have time to work on your business, build your mailing list, Facebook promotions, respond to clients etc, build the necessary foundations for a successful business. 

  • You think you will make enough money overnight to support yourself financially. I have never run a retreat a loss but it took 6 years for me to grow my business into one that could support me financially without have to still have the “bread and butter” job.

  • You are adverse to technology, to promote and take bookings for your retreats. You will require a social media presence and a website or Facebook with a booking platform. 

  • You are adverse to self promotion. You don’t have to be selly, but you will require a positive outlook on what you do and who you are and your skills and abilities. 

  • You’re excited at the prospect but don’t know where to start.

Other bits we can offer you ….

Website Review

Tammie will go over your website and provide you with a report on what is working really well and also some of the things that could be improved to attract more clients to your business.

Investment – $80

Marketing Materials

Would you like some shiny electronic posters and banners to show off your fabulous new retreat? Let us create them for you. You provide us with the details and we can design cohesive branding and marketing graphics so you can advertise your retreat with confidence.

Banner for Facebook event pages $15

Short Flyer – a little bit of info, perfect for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts $20 

E-Flyer for newsletters and online promotions, this one has all the important details and enticing imagery $25 

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