This page is dedicated to the women who have completed our Vibrant Women Retreat Facilitator Training or completed more than six Retreat Facilitation Coaching sessions with Tammie.

Below you can get to know them and follow the links to see their wonderful offerings – workshops, retreats and events.

We wish them all the best on this exciting journey!

Angela McColl – See Change Retreats

Angela McColl (Angie) loves salsa, self-development and South America!! Her passion for travelling enables her to embrace life through experiencing different cultures and customs. Angie loves having fun and being present to appreciate the opportunities life offers.

Angie utilises many forms of healing to enhance her practice including, self-acceptance, giving and loving, self-nourishment and replenishment to manage the busyness of life. Her experience has taught her how important this is. She looks forward to supporting other people to find and build on their own self-care practices.”

View Angie’s Salsa Retreat HERE and her Nourish and Flourish Retreat HERE, Facebook page HERE and website HERE

Sandy Van Herberghen – The Painted Lotus

Sandy Van Herberghen is an Artist, Fashion Designer/Creator, Holder of space, Traveller, Mother, Wife, Teacher, Lover of Colours, Massages, Open Fires and the Sea.

Sandy’s range of artistic and creative pursuits include shibori, clay sculpture, soap making, jewellery, mosaic, block printing, crochet, essential oils, gardening, reiki and massage… but nothing floats her boat like painting with colours!

Sandy is a Retreat facilitator who loves to share her knowledge and skills to people at all stages of the creative process. She also understands the need for woman to nurture themselves by taking time out to learn and create in a fun, supportive and gentle way. 

View Sandy’s Painting Retreat HERE and her Facebook page HERE

Marni Whatuira – Sacred Breath Yoga and Retreats

Mother ~ Yogini ~ Spiritual Healer ~ Barefoot Dreamer

Marni is a seeker of beauty and gratitude; every day is an opportunity for her to find and express these qualities. Born in New Zealand as a child she was wild & outrageous but searched for validation and acceptance, always feeling “different”. Having her first child at 16 she grew up quickly, met her partner, moved to Australia and started a business. Together they grew their gorgeous family to include another 4 children, ranging now between 5 and 18.

Marni like many women put her own aspirations on hold to care for her family. However, in 2014 she started to live and breathe yoga and to truly find herself again. Excited by her own personal transformation Marni is passionate about supporting other women on their path to find the beautiful light they have within, stripping back conditioning and patterns that have been holding them back. She does this through heart centred practices such as reiki, breathwork, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, oracle card readings, art process, jewellery making and much more. Marni is the ultimate gentle mentor to guide you to becoming whole, to taking the journey back to yourself. 

View Marni’s Rediscover Your Sacred Self Retreat HERE and her Facebook Page HERE

Kathy Morrison – The Passionate Travel Tribe

Kathy Morrison is passionate about life, Travel, Freedom and the founder of The passionate Travel Tribe. A lover of nature, beach walks, coffee, sunrises and sunsets, adventure and connection with women to inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

Kathy is a women’s retreat facilitator, author, carer advocate, a certified holistic life coach and speaker.

The freedom to travel and do what she loves, inspires her to take women on an unforgettable journey of learning, self discovery, transformation and connecting to other cultures. Kathy’s holistic approach to life, and her belief in alternative therapies, led her to study the ancient self-healing power of crystals and shamanic teachings in Hawaii and Bali as well as healing with bush flower essences and mind based trainings.

Married with 4 children and a carer for thirty years to her daughter, Jenna, who has a profound disability, Kathy has learned that through many life challenges and adversities, there is always the ability to change, accomplish the possible and enjoy an authentic and passionate life.

She believes some of the best things in life are on the other side of fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway !! Her motto is to “Do what you love, love what you do and live your life with passion”

You can view Kathy’s Facebook page HERE

Kaye O’Brien – Radiant Awakening Retreats

Kaye O’Brien Homeopath, Counsellor and Family Therapist, Vocational Trainer and accredited Meditation teacher with 27 years commitment to a personal recovery journey. Radiant Awakening Bali Retreats are Kaye’s way of sharing her personal recovery and spiritual journey and to enhance a more spiritually based life by doing it in the beauty and the spirit of Bali.

View Kaye’s Facebook Page HERE and her Website HERE

Glenda Donald – Soul Sourcing

Be a part of life, experience it and embody it OR exist?

Connect, communicate and contribute OR disconnect and react?

Love, share and nurture self and others OR neglect and survive?

What’s your choice? Be curious? Play & believe in possibilities?

How can I help put the nurturing heart intent back into your life?

View Glenda’s Facebook page HERE and her Website HERE