Even though this is what you think you are going to look like when in Morocco, the girls from “Sex in the City 2”, reality may be a bit different. Here are some tips for January weather in Marrakech where it can we warm in the day and cold at night.

1 Bring Scarfs

So fabulous to dress up any outfit and warm too!

2 Always wear closed toe shoes, preferably boots like these below (don’t you just love). If you have a run in with a donkey in an alleyway you will thank me! But don’t bring any shoes you are worried about ruining because the medinas can be muddy at times. 

3. Flowing pants that are a bit off the ground. Again walking around the ground can be dirty so you don’t want anything that is dragging through it. If you have loose fitting pants you can wear tights underneath for warmth. Or wear flowing skirts that are 3/4 length. 


4.Layer it – Yes even though its winter average temps are mid 20’s and the sun can be hot and you may need to take it off!


5. Bring a beanie, gloves and warm socks

If your extremities are warm so will you be and these are easy to remove as the day heats up and put in your bag. 

Other things to consider bringing:

-1 light waterproof jacket

-1 Warm Jumper

-1 fleece

-Thermals (to be worn under clothes or to bed)

-1 pair of loose jeans

-1 pair of trousers

-1 long dress with long sleeves (for a dinner out)

-1 long skirts

-1 lighter scarfs (for head in the desert)

-1 pair of comfortable all purpose, all weather shoes

-1 pair of dressier flat shoes (for a dinner out)

-Yoga gear

-1 sun hat

-Your sense of adventure

See you in Morocco 🙂 You can view our next trip here!