We had many adventures on this seven week trip but this was one of our best stuffups.

In our wisdom we decided driving in Spain on the wrong side of the road in a country that doesn’t speak English was a fantastic idea. Well that was going to come back to bite us on the arse.

As we drove into a picturesque small town on route to our next destination we all noticed a huge walled like castle on the top of a hill. We decided to take a detour and have a look. We could do that as we were driving ourselves and going great guns. NOT…

As we got closer, we all noticed a huge sign on you left adjacent to a parking lot that was in Spanish that must have said STOP, ONLY IDIOTS WILL DRIVE ANY FURTHER. PARK HERE AND WALK UP THE HILL. As we drove further up the hill the street suddenly narrowed to the point we had to fold in the side mirrors of the car to continue. This was our oh shit moment. Luckily we could see ahead and it opened up and widened at the top of the hill. Excellent we are saved. Yes it opened up to the tourist cafes. As we continued tourists went to come out of the shops and quickly retreated back inside as four Aussie women in a rental were coming through. We had waiters moving tables and chairs to let us through and offering us drinks. Other waiters asking if we wanted to order any lunch. Should have taken the drinks as we were all a bit stressed and unsure if it was possible to come out the other side. After about twenty stressful minutes of creating havoc for the locals and tourists, winding through more narrow alleys and negotiating hairpin turns we came out the other side. Unfolded the side mirrors and continued on our way.

No one swear word was uttered, we used the whole lot. Laughed a lot too.

Never been more thankful to a have rented a tiny car weeny car in my life. Didn’t put a one scratch on it. You can see in the photo how tight it was and just up ahead we folded in the side mirrors. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Xx

Leanne (I was the driver. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣)

Leanne attended a private Marigold Tour of India with a group of women from Newcastle NSW. She took some amazing photos and also created a beautiful coffee table book of her travels that shared she with us over an Indian dinner reunion. Her and her crazy travel companion Helen also bought each of us a framed photograph of us together in at the Stepwell in Delhi. I can’t show you the other side of this lovely frame as they chose individual photos of each us to share and mine has me trying to mount a deer hmmmmm, thanks girls!