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Happy Holi by Susan Loch

I arrived home to a different world after three weeks visiting a different land. COVID-19 was slowly weaving its way through every continent while I was on the last leg of an incredible three week journey travelling through India. After being part of the hustle and bustle of an overpopulated country, I found myself [...]

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Samadhan – part of the story of India for me by Danielle Harvey

October 2019 Delhi is loud, dirty, chaotic. The hotel driver weaves in an out of the traffic. I look out the window, trusting that his expertise will see me arrive safely at my destination. We chat. He tells me about his wife and children. I ask him if his wife drives. "No, Madam." He [...]

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Ah India!! What is it about you that I love so much? by Danielle Harvey

Is it your vibrant colours? Or your myriad of smells? Is it the hustle and bustle, your endless noise or your beautiful people? My love for India began over 30 years ago when I first visited as a 20 year old. A very different me, under very different circumstances, doing very different things. Fast [...]

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Getting yourself out of a tight space in Spain by Leanne Griffiths

We had many adventures on this seven week trip but this was one of our best stuffups. In our wisdom we decided driving in Spain on the wrong side of the road in a country that doesn’t speak English was a fantastic idea. Well that was going to come back to bite us on [...]

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Reflections on our Marigold Adventure – An Indian Odyssey

  Initially you are overwhelmed . But gradually you realise: It's like a wave. Resist and you'll be knocked over ... Dive into it and you'll swim out the other side. Evelyn ~The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   And knocked over we were by our recent travels through Rajasthan, the sights, bustling markets, ancient fortes and colourful [...]

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Bali Hi! Part 1 – Meditate, Yogi and be Mindful

Philippa "Pip" attended the Womens Mindfulness Retreat in September 2015 in Ubud Bali. This was the starting point of her 12 month adventure throughout South East Asia. Here she shares her experience of the first stage of her journey. “We call that coffee ‘Catpoochino’!” said our driver referring to the coffee beans that are fed through [...]

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Holidays Bring You Happiness – Even Before You Go! It’s called Vorfreude!!

Vorfreude (n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. Do you wish you were heading off to some exotic location right now? Well research is showing that planning a trip well in advance could increase your happiness for much longer, giving you a lot more bang for your buck! In 2010 [...]

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Photographer Captures Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World

Russian photographer Murad Osmann has been attracting quite a bit of attention on the Internet for his images. No, it’s not his professional photos of people and places, but rather a clever project he has been putting together on his Instagram account. We only have a few here so click the link to view more. [...]

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No mosquitoes please and no men smoking in my room!!

I'm sorry, I can see this is practical, but it did make me giggle a bit. I don't think it's on my list for retreat centres, I try to avoid mosquitos. I wonder if there are entire suits made of mosquito netting that you can get to walk around in? It would have been [...]

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