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Our Best Retreats and Inspirational Journeys for Mother Daughter Time

Time out Together is a Precious Gift When do Mothers and Daughters actually get to spend quality time – to really see and listen to each other, share a laugh but most of all, share heart? We have several retreats and sight seeing tours that we think create the perfect environment for Mother/Daughter bonding. [...]

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Answering your questions and dispelling myths about attending a Retreat

Would you like to know more about attending a Vibrant Women Retreat? What is a retreat anyway? We answer some commonly asked questions to dispel any myths, fears or concerns. Please don’t make me sit on the floor! Will I have to sit cross-legged on the floor all day, or do complicated yoga postures? NO! [...]

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How to choose the right retreat or Inspriational Journey for you – Take the Quiz

Circle one answer for each question below that most responds to your retreat and travel needs.   Location: A. I just like to get away from it all – location doesn’t matter B. I like sunny, tropical destinations C. I don’t mind, but it has to have a little bit of luxury   Price: A. Less [...]

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Ubud Art & Crafts Market

The Arts and Crafts Market in Ubud, Bali, is a must see for every visitor. On two floors and outside hundreds of shops are cramped together in a tiny space, selling everything from clothing to spices to jewellery - well worth a look and a great immersion into the Balinese way of bargaining! Located at the [...]

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