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Questions to ask yourself when you feel distressed

When feeling a bit trapped and emotionally low the following questions may help to put things into perceptive. Pause, take a breath, and don’t react automatically. Ask yourself: What am I reacting to? What is it that's really pushing my buttons here?  What is it that I think is going to happen here? What's [...]

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Stress Less – 10 Way to Chill

Stress is a killer - literally! I'm sure you are aware of the associated physical, mental and emotional health problems that are caused by unmanaged stress. So instead of hitting the panic button and depleting your adrenals every time a stressful situation presents itself, take a pro-active approach and (please try to) stress less [...]

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Using Your Life as a Self Healing Practice

I was recently attending a yoga class in Ubud, Bali and the teacher said, "Yoga is Your Medicine". And this resonated deeply with me. Of course I already knew this as its why I do yoga, as well as for other reasons, like to calm the seething cesspit that is my mind! But even though I [...]

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Are you Missing the Magic in Life?

When I was a child I could call upon the experience of magic day and night. My life was filled with a myriad of adventures that involved being the Queen of the fairies in the mangrove swamp behind the caravan park I lived in, to being able to hold my breath under the water [...]

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How to Go Slow

So many things creep up on you when you are going fast, too fast to notice. Bill's, Christmas, armpit hair, anxiety, kilos, the decline of your relationship. I'm not sure when going fast became a habit but I do know that it is the close cousin of multi-tasking and rushing woman syndrome. Rushing Women's Syndrome is a [...]

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Attending a Vibrant Women Retreat helps you to GROW yourself!

Personal development is a set of skills or qualities that a person tries to gain for a happier, healthier and more fulfilling future. Personal development is a very broad subject. It includes everything that benefits you even slightly. Sometimes we might engage in activities that we never thought would help us to grow emotionally, [...]

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13 ways to make the most of your time after work

Sometimes after work you feel so depleted you just want to stick something in the microwave and then mindlessly chew on it whilst watching TV. I'm sorry to sound like your Mum but you need to take better care of yourself! Including injecting some meaningful activities into your evenings, this will create some much needed self [...]

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9 things to do in 90 minutes before 9am

Not everyone is a morning person, you may be more of a 9 things to do before 9pm kinda person. However there is something totally freeing about having gotten things out of the way in the morning so after work you can just relax. Here's our list of great ways to start the day. Neck rolls - [...]

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