Listening to the Sound of Water 

Ocean waves, babbling brooks, freshwater streams and trickling fountains… there’s nothing as soothing as the sound of water. Water is essential to life. It symbolises purity, clarity and calm, and hearing it flow freely in its natural surroundings can be incredibly cleansing. As well relaxing our mind, on a subconscious level flowing water speaks to [...]

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13 Ways to Squeeze Meditation into Your Busy Schedule

You want to start a meditation practice … but … you’re just too busy? There are plenty of excuses for why you can’t meditate. These excuses are all valid because you have a busy life. But guess what? You still have time to meditate. Everyone can find time to meditate. In fact the more [...]

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“Om” The Sacred and Mystical Sanskit Word

OM or AUM is the most important and significant word of Mantra tradition. It is considered as the root mantra of all mantra. In a majority of Mantra, you will find OM. OM is the most often chanted sound among all the sacred sounds on earth. This sound is considered to be the sound [...]

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