Healing Pain and Suffering

Living a Meaningful Life

After a while you no longer need stuff and your attention turns to purpose. Things don’t excite you as much as experiences and you just want to feel good, alive, connected. Here are 10 steps to help you on the path to living a meaningful life: Slow down, breathe, bringing a mindful presence throughout [...]

Heart to Soul Healing by Tanna Bear

I’ve tried and I’ve tried to live a conventional life.  I’ve tried on and off for the past forty four years.  It just isn’t who I am. The problem is I’ve got to stop trying, stop fighting against it and just live and let life unfold.  After all it is a journey.  It’s better to [...]

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Purifying Negative Karma

In her book "Everyday Enlightenment: How to be a Spiritual Warrior at the  Kitchen Sink", (one of my favourite texts for understanding Buddhist philosophy) Venerable Yeshe Chodron describes four steps to turn around the impact of negative, non-virtuous or unskillful acts. Because the result of our actions can become so great, it's in our best interest to purify [...]

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