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Sunsets, Souks, Sim Cards and Snake Charmers in Marrakesh’s Famous Djemaa el Fna Square

What can you say about JDjemaa El Fna! Well quite a lot!! In Marrakesh’s main square, (pronounced 'jema' – the 'd' is silent), you’ll discover theatre in progress. Operating since the 11th century as an important trading settlement for the camel trains carrying their precious cargos of gold, spices, ivory and slaves from Timbuktu. [...]

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Sunrise at Gunung Batur

It was during my very first retreat that I held in Bali the Women's Mindfulness Retreat that I first viewed Gunung Batur. At 5:30 in the morning the sun rose behind this beautiful caldera of Mount Batur. I have to say one of the most stunning sunrises I've ever seen, made even more special [...]

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Seville is not just about oranges it is also about giant wooden sculptures!

The old quarter of Seville was a bit quiet when we arrived to find our accommodation. However after driving around the block three times and looking at this amazing structure we kept saying we must have the address of our hotel wrong as it seemed as though we had to drive up the right [...]

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The Difference Between a Retreat and an Inspirational Journey

I started Vibrant Women running retreats in 2011 with my signature Womens Mindfulness Retreat. This retreat has always been well received and attended and I put it down to the fact that women lead busy modern lives and they were looking for a way to reduce stress and enhance their relationship with themselves and [...]

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Why I run retreats for women, and admitting it’s not for purely altruistic reasons

Whilst recently compiling some training for new retreat facilitators I was called to remind myself why it was that I run retreats for women. And I have to admit there were some selfish reasons, I am not as altruistic as I thought! My initial reason for running retreats as many of you know is [...]

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How to choose the right Mindfulness Retreat for you

1) What’s the Setting? Urban-ish or rustic, vegetarian or not, silent or guided, beach or mountain, women or both genders—retreats come in all shapes and types. Make sure you like the space and geographical area. Find out whether the retreat leader is aligned with your values. Are there chairs suitable for meditating in? Are there other activities [...]

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How do you feel when you hear the words “Deep Peace”? 

  Imagine this ....... You gently wake to the sound of nature after a restful sleep. You stretch and smile and remember where you are, yes in Bali on a Womens Mindfulness Retreat, in the middle of the jungle, yay! and today is a very special day, a total gift to yourself, a day of [...]

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Reflections on our Marigold Adventure – An Indian Odyssey

  Initially you are overwhelmed . But gradually you realise: It's like a wave. Resist and you'll be knocked over ... Dive into it and you'll swim out the other side. Evelyn ~The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   And knocked over we were by our recent travels through Rajasthan, the sights, bustling markets, ancient fortes and colourful [...]

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