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4 Tips to Manage Overwhelm

1. Ask yourself why you are feeling so pressured When I recently stopped to ask myself why I was overwhelmed and listed off the reasons in my head, it seemed much less overwhelming. It put everything into perspective for me and helped me come back down to reality. Sometimes we can get in the habit of “mental proliferation” [...]

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How I stopped myself from killing Granddad!

We all lead busy and stressful lives these days that have many layers of complexity. I personally have had a challenging start to 2016 with the death of a relative, illness of another and taking shared responsibility for the care of my 94 year old Grandfather. A man who keeps his kitkats in the margarine, (we don't [...]

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Depression Essence – Kick it to the kerb!

For people who have been feeling flat, lethargic and who are experiencing a general lack of enthusiasm or joy for life for a period of more than three weeks. This essence has been created to help you manage the numbness and guilt that comes with depression and help you to find gratitude in the everyday [...]

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This silly season we’ve got you covered with a package of two Vibrant Women Bushflower Essences to help you keep you centre. CALM ESSENCE- Leading up to Christmas when you are trying to tie up loose ends, plan for family events or pack for your holiday taking this essence will help to keep the crazy [...]

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Anxiety Essence – To help with the release of anxiety and panic

Would you like to feel more peace, calm and clarity. Less attached to shoulds and what other people think. Then take refuge in the idea that all things change. This essence with help you learn to surf the wave that is anxiety without getting caught in the rip. Dosage: 7 drops, twice a day whilst reading your affirmation, first [...]

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Is there a right or wrong way to use flower essences? by Clare Chapman

There are some questions that come up at virtually every workshop I teach, and one of them is, ‘can I make a mistake when choosing flower essences for myself or someone else’? While I wouldn’t use the word ‘mistake’, as with anything in life there are definitely more effective ways you can use flower essences to gain [...]

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Australian Bush Flower Essences and How You Can Benefit From Them

Healing is a complex process, which can be assisted by way of many tools, processes and practices. One such tool for healing in the 21st century is the Australian Bush Flower Essences: a range of energetic remedies created from the unique flora growing in unpolluted and pristine areas of Australia. These remedies unite the healing [...]

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3 Bush Flower Essence tips to cope with heatwaves…

Clare is the facilitator of Vibrant Womens - Australian Bush Essences Retreat – Mount Alford, Queensland – 13 – 16 March 2015. Here she is sharing some tips to cope with the heat. Here in Australia at the moment it is Spring and we have been stuck in a record heatwave for the past week. [...]

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