Are you Missing the Magic in Life?

When I was a child I could call upon the experience of magic day and night. My life was filled with a myriad of adventures that involved being the Queen of the fairies in the mangrove swamp behind the caravan park I lived in, to being able to hold my breath under the water longer [...]

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How I stopped myself from killing Granddad!

We all lead busy and stressful lives these days that have many layers of complexity. I personally have had a challenging start to 2016 with the death of a relative, illness of another and taking shared responsibility for the care of my 94 year old Grandfather. A man who keeps his kitkats in the margarine, (we don't [...]

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10 Ways to Connect Mindfully with Nature

Nature is the very best place to be if you want to practice Mindfulness. Nature provides us with an opportunity to engage with all of our senses. Nature is the ultimate stress reliever. Try these 10 tips to becoming a tree hugger and you too can benefit from the soothing effects of a nature [...]

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Depression Essence – Kick it to the kerb!

For people who have been feeling flat, lethargic and who are experiencing a general lack of enthusiasm or joy for life for a period of more than three weeks. This essence has been created to help you manage the numbness and guilt that comes with depression and help you to find gratitude in the everyday [...]

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Using Your Skincare Routine as a Form of Self-Love – See Mine :)

I have turned my skincare routine into a self love ritual, that I cannot now do without It took me years to take to a proper skincare routine. In fact it's only been the last 18 months that I could call it regular. At 45 you really start to notice the tone and texture of [...]

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How to set up a skin care routine

So over the past few years I've started to become interested in skin care. Young enough at 45 not to worry, but old enough to care. As I had a mother who never wore make up and still uses Vaseline intensive care moisturiser as her all over body and face primary skin care product I didn't get any tips growing up. And like everyone [...]

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Reflections on our Marigold Adventure – An Indian Odyssey

  Initially you are overwhelmed . But gradually you realise: It's like a wave. Resist and you'll be knocked over ... Dive into it and you'll swim out the other side. Evelyn ~The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   And knocked over we were by our recent travels through Rajasthan, the sights, bustling markets, ancient fortes and colourful [...]

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How to Go Slow

So many things creep up on you when you are going fast, too fast to notice. Bill's, Christmas, armpit hair, anxiety, kilos, the decline of your relationship. I'm not sure when going fast became a habit but I do know that it is the close cousin of multi-tasking and rushing woman syndrome. Rushing Women's Syndrome is a [...]

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