Our Best Retreats and Inspirational Journeys for Mother Daughter Time

Time out Together is a Precious Gift When do Mothers and Daughters actually get to spend quality time – to really see and listen to each other, share a laugh but most of all, share heart? We have several retreats and sight seeing tours that we think create the perfect environment for Mother/Daughter bonding. [...]

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Using Your Life as a Self Healing Practice

I was recently attending a yoga class in Ubud, Bali and the teacher said, "Yoga is Your Medicine". And this resonated deeply with me. Of course I already knew this as its why I do yoga, as well as for other reasons, like to calm the seething cesspit that is my mind! But even though I [...]

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5 ways to practice self care, and they are not what you think :)

Usually, when we hear we should be practicing self-care, we think that means we should go get a manicure, take a hot bath, or do something else to pamper ourselves. It's easy to ignore this article and stop reading right now because you think you've heard it all before, but this time we are taking [...]

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Listening to the Sound of Water 

Ocean waves, babbling brooks, freshwater streams and trickling fountains… there’s nothing as soothing as the sound of water. Water is essential to life. It symbolises purity, clarity and calm, and hearing it flow freely in its natural surroundings can be incredibly cleansing. As well relaxing our mind, on a subconscious level flowing water speaks to [...]

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4 Tips to Manage Overwhelm

1. Ask yourself why you are feeling so pressured When I recently stopped to ask myself why I was overwhelmed and listed off the reasons in my head, it seemed much less overwhelming. It put everything into perspective for me and helped me come back down to reality. Sometimes we can get in the habit of “mental proliferation” [...]

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The Benefits of Making New Friends

There comes a time when you may have a lot of friends in your life, which is certainly a blessing. You might not feel the need to actively make new friends, but before you decide that the current friendships you have are enough, here are some things to consider. We want to encourage you [...]

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