Sunsets, Souks, Sim Cards and Snake Charmers in Marrakesh’s Famous Djemaa el Fna Square

What can you say about JDjemaa El Fna! Well quite a lot!! In Marrakesh’s main square, (pronounced 'jema' – the 'd' is silent), you’ll discover theatre in progress. Operating since the 11th century as an important trading settlement for the camel trains carrying their precious cargos of gold, spices, ivory and slaves from Timbuktu. [...]

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Sunrise at Gunung Batur

It was during my very first retreat that I held in Bali the Women's Mindfulness Retreat that I first viewed Gunung Batur. At 5:30 in the morning the sun rose behind this beautiful caldera of Mount Batur. I have to say one of the most stunning sunrises I've ever seen, made even more special [...]

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Seville is not just about oranges it is also about giant wooden sculptures!

The old quarter of Seville was a bit quiet when we arrived to find our accommodation. However after driving around the block three times and looking at this amazing structure we kept saying we must have the address of our hotel wrong as it seemed as though we had to drive up the right [...]

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Vibrant Women Travel Survey 2021

Hi Girls, Recently I did a survey via my newsletter in regards to future travels. I thought you might like to see the responses. Keep in mind that responses were in direct relationship to my questions relating to Vibrant Women so I only had about 7 destinations to choose from, not worldwide :) Also [...]

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Happy Holi by Susan Loch

I arrived home to a different world after three weeks visiting a different land. COVID-19 was slowly weaving its way through every continent while I was on the last leg of an incredible three week journey travelling through India. After being part of the hustle and bustle of an overpopulated country, I found myself [...]

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Samadhan – part of the story of India for me by Danielle Harvey

October 2019 Delhi is loud, dirty, chaotic. The hotel driver weaves in an out of the traffic. I look out the window, trusting that his expertise will see me arrive safely at my destination. We chat. He tells me about his wife and children. I ask him if his wife drives. "No, Madam." He [...]

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Ah India!! What is it about you that I love so much? by Danielle Harvey

Is it your vibrant colours? Or your myriad of smells? Is it the hustle and bustle, your endless noise or your beautiful people? My love for India began over 30 years ago when I first visited as a 20 year old. A very different me, under very different circumstances, doing very different things. Fast [...]

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