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Getting yourself out of a tight space in Spain by Leanne Griffiths

We had many adventures on this seven week trip but this was one of our best stuffups. In our wisdom we decided driving in Spain on the wrong side of the road in a country that doesn’t speak English was a fantastic idea. Well that was going to come back to bite us on [...]

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In the Java Jungle with the Surfer Boys by Susan Loch

As I boarded the Garuda flight, I left my inhibitions and worries behind. I was dazzled as I sat in the window seat, taking in the wonders of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and that amazing waterway of Sydney Harbour. I love flying. I always get so excited. I landed at Denpasar [...]

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The Difference Between a Retreat and an Inspirational Journey

I started Vibrant Women running retreats in 2011 with my signature Womens Mindfulness Retreat. This retreat has always been well received and attended and I put it down to the fact that women lead busy modern lives and they were looking for a way to reduce stress and enhance their relationship with themselves and [...]

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Why I run retreats for women, and admitting it’s not for purely altruistic reasons

Whilst recently compiling some training for new retreat facilitators I was called to remind myself why it was that I run retreats for women. And I have to admit there were some selfish reasons, I am not as altruistic as I thought! My initial reason for running retreats as many of you know is [...]

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Questions to ask yourself when you feel distressed

When feeling a bit trapped and emotionally low the following questions may help to put things into perceptive. Pause, take a breath, and don’t react automatically. Ask yourself: What am I reacting to? What is it that's really pushing my buttons here?  What is it that I think is going to happen here? What's [...]

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How to choose the right Mindfulness Retreat for you

1) What’s the Setting? Urban-ish or rustic, vegetarian or not, silent or guided, beach or mountain, women or both genders—retreats come in all shapes and types. Make sure you like the space and geographical area. Find out whether the retreat leader is aligned with your values. Are there chairs suitable for meditating in? Are there other activities [...]

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25 Ways to Love Yourself More

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." – Rumi If you identify any of the below take a moment to ground this in your awareness so when you notice it happening again, you can challenge the [...]

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Living a Meaningful Life

After a while you no longer need stuff and your attention turns to purpose. Things don’t excite you as much as experiences and you just want to feel good, alive, connected. Here are 10 steps to help you on the path to living a meaningful life: Slow down, breathe, bringing a mindful presence throughout [...]