Healing is a complex process, which can be assisted by way of many tools, processes and practices. One such tool for healing in the 21st century is the Australian Bush Flower Essences: a range of energetic remedies created from the unique flora growing in unpolluted and pristine areas of Australia. These remedies unite the healing of one’s body and spirit and can yield delicate, yet powerful, results. People using these remedies can enjoy better health on the outside, but more importantly have a better connection within themselves to their emotions and thoughts. Modern day living can take its toll; with issues such as communication, sexuality and spirituality creating confusion and trauma within you. But by harnessing the power of Australian flowers, you can still enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Reducing anxiety

Stress is present every day in the world we live in. Negative thoughts, worries and fears are constantly plaguing our minds, making us feel disconnected from our own lives. Using Australian Bush Flower Essences can help you restore balance and ease in your emotional responses to what is happening around you. When you are disconnected, it is as though the connection with your own soul is blocked; these wonderful remedies are capable of dissolving these blocks and supporting you to be happy and content.

Impact of emotions on the body

While many people commend Australian Bush Flower Essences for their impact on emotional health and spirituality, they can also have an effect on the body’s energy. How many times have you woken up in the morning, feeling like you just want to crawl back under the sheets? One of the reasons why is typically your thoughts and emotions about the day ahead or your life in general. So by working with flower remedies on these aspects of yourself, you can help rejuvenate your whole self – including your body’s energy.

By using Bush Essences, you can regain your vigour and your inner engine will kick-start once more. There is no need to lead a tiring life, when remedies like these are readily available.

A few Australian Bush Flower Essences and their role

There are many different flowers used in this type of therapy, and here are a few examples from within the range of Australian Bush Flower Essences:

  • Silver Princess is particularly helpful for those who feel like they have lost their direction in life or have closed one chapter of their life and are ready to start the next;

  • Angelsword can be used to help remove inner blockages and stale energies from within, so you can become One with your inner self;

  • Green Spider Orchid can be used to help with phobias and nightmares.

In fact, there are 69 Bush Flower Essences in total that we will learn about on our upcoming retreat, how exciting!

Take your first steps to becoming a Bush Essence practitioner

If you are interested in becoming an Australian Bush Flower Essences practitioner, or just want to learn the skills to heal your own life, the Australian Bush Essences Retreat is an excellent opportunity to learn the foundation skills and make a start. Your facilitator, Clare Chapman, is an International Correspondence Course Tutor and Teacher for Australian Bush Flower Essences®, as well as a Bush Essence Practitioner and Social Media Strategist. Clare has been passionately teaching about Australian Bush Flower Essences for over 7 years and is also the Teacher Trainer & Coordinator for all ABFE teachers throughout Australia and Internationally. Clare will not only share her extensive knowledge with you about the Bush Essences, and how to use them most effectively to gain the best results, but she will also help you use your intuitive skills and extra-sensory perception to support your clients (and yourself) with the energy of the flowers.

This is a true body, mind and soul treatment for people living in the fast-paced 21st century.

Warm Regards, Clare and Tammie