Clare is the facilitator of Vibrant Womens – Australian Bush Essences Retreat – Mount Alford, Queensland – 13 – 16 March 2015. Here she is sharing some tips to cope with the heat.

Here in Australia at the moment it is Spring and we have been stuck in a record heatwave for the past week.

For people down-under, this time of year normally means:

  • spending as much time as possible on the beach,  attempting to beat the heat;
  • getting bombarded by fear-instilling news reports, warning about potential bush fire weather and outbreaks;
  • doing ANYTHING you can think of to cope with 40+ degree (celcius) temperatures and still keeping your cool.

As the hit song went, some like it hot, but personally, I don’t. So, here are my Australian Bush Flower Essence suggestions to get you through these searing temperatures:

Sun safety

She Oak is one of the Bush Flowers in the Solaris Combination.

Given that the only way to really avoid the Summer sun is to hibernate in a refrigerator, you really need to try the Solaris Combination of Bush Essences (made up of Mulla Mulla, She Oak and Spinifex).

You’ll find yourself better able to deal with the heat, more aware that you need to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration, and more tolerant of the hotter conditions that you have no choice but to live with (unless, of course, a move to Antarctica is on the books).

Additionally, if you work in a situation where you have no choice but to be outdoors during these ridiculously hot months (such as construction or field-work), this flower essence combination will help you to cope a lot more easily.

Keep your cool

Mulla Mulla, can help you beat the heat.

Probably the most annoying feeling is the inability to cool down, except when you are actually standing under a cold shower. The Bush Essence best suited to helping you deal with the extra heat is Mulla Mulla: emotionally, it can help you feel more comfortable with hotter conditions and therefore, more able to concentrate on your work or study.

Additionally, most of our aging population find the intense heat unbearable and sometimes even life-threatening, so the Solaris combination (which contains Mulla Mulla) is a good one to help balance oneself during extreme heat conditions.

Handy tip: consider putting 7 drops of the Solaris blend into your water bottle so that you are constantly sipping on it.

And with the school year soon starting again, putting Solaris blend into your child’s drink bottle will prove very useful for helping them cope with the heat, too.

Take it slow

Australian Bush Flower Essence: Black-eyed Susan

The reality for people in hot climates is that you really need to take things slower during the Summer months. The floral essence that I’d suggest to help you learn to slow down more is Black-eyed Susan, since that is its specialty.

It can help you to reduce the additional stress that you may put on yourself during times when your body is already stressed by hotter temperatures.

Over to you

What are your natural health tricks for keeping cool in the heat? Leave your comment below, so we can all try it out!

Wishing you flowering health in any weather,


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