Womens Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat 15 – 22 September 2017

Womens Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat 15 – 22 September 2017 2017-09-10T10:33:13+00:00



Further along the path. Take your mindfulness and meditation practice deeper with 7 Nights in tropical paradise.

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This retreat has been designed as a follow on from the Womens Mindfulness Retreat or just for those who want to deepen their mindfulness and meditation practice. Join us as we immerse in a deeply rejuvenating & soul inspiring week away in tropical paradise. 

We have planned for you a week of fun, adventure, quiet time, massages and spa treatments, yummy food, laughter, swimming, walking in the rice paddies and on the beach, exploring Balinese culture, dancing, yoga and workshops on cultivating a peaceful and compassionate life.

We will soak in the serene magic this beautiful island has to offer as we immerse in morning & afternoon yoga, tai chi, nia dance & meditation, engage with daily workshops focused on deepening your understanding of meditation, mindfulness and yoga, indulge in pampering and self care rituals, laze, journal, explore, relax by the pool, and maybe sip a cocktail or two as the sun sets. 

The focus will be around discovering and affirming what is it to truly embody PEACE in your body and in your life as we travel through each day with an intention to open to our truest, most authentic self. We will explore peace and compassion in nourishing and uplifting ways as we relax into the beauty, support & transformational healing that such a retreat and location ultimately brings to body, mind & spirit. 

Each day you will have the opportunity to also develop your own personal practice guided by a sequence of reading, meditating, reflecting and writing or drawing, this is your daily take home practice too to support you stay grounded back it the real world. Later in the afternoons, surrounded by the beauty & sounds of nature, you will experience the complete nurture of restorative yoga & meditation to rejuvenate the body and mind. 

Whilst there will be plenty of time to practice on the retreat, we will also create lots of space for you to luxuriate, rest and rejuvenate with time for you to do as you please. 

We are so excited to be sharing this very special week with you and can’t wait for it to begin!!

Your retreat leaders

IMG_9189 (2)

Tammie Day  is a mindfulness, yoga and nia teacher and group facilitator of 17 years. She runs retreats and workshops worldwide. Tammie has been facilitating retreats in Bali for 5 years and has found the best activities to make the most of your time in this unique and magical place. 

Tammie is looking forward to taking you deeper into your mindfulness and meditation practices, she believes these skills are essential tools for living in a modern world. 

Kaye O’Toole’s passions are meditation, esoteric learnings, living her life according to a spiritual program of life, travelling and learning from other cultures and her grandchildren!

Her meditation journey began in 1973 and has evolved, sometimes with sporadic attempts, but more recently, into a daily practise of sitting. Loving kindness meditation or ‘Metta Bhavana’ meditation, involving mentally sending goodwill, kindness and warmth to others, ending wth ‘may all beings be happy, peaceful and be free from suffering is her daily prayer.

When you spend time with Kaye you will feel accepted, understood and validated. Her respectful style will honour all that is within.

Meet Glenda Donald who will also be helping out on your September Retreat! She has a beautiful “Colour Your Emotions” workshop planned for you.

Empowerment for Glenda began from the lowest point when she received mainstream diagnosis that “Nothing more could be done, you will end up in a wheelchair and die young”. She had always had visions but none more prophetic than at this point when she saw herself vibrant and smiling in the future. So, with this anchor holding her hope, she studied and became practitioner in quite a few modalities and honed her sensory skills as she stepped her way back to wellness. At the same time, Glenda had to manage her fear & vulnerability of rejection from her husband & children because her learning & acknowledgement of her visions had created change.

This is an exciting chapter for Glenda as she explores new environments, expands her sensory range, and develops her unique “Retreats” to move others to live and be more, without breaking supportive relationships.

The Place

Ubud is culture, yes. It’s also home to good restaurants, cafes and streets of shops, many selling goods from the region’s artisans. The local village of Penestanan where we are staying in is home to “The Young Artists of Bali”.

Ubud’s popularity continues to grow, adding on the hoopla created by the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love.

Once we have had our fill of Hippiesville we will head on down to the beach for more massages, rest, dolphin watching, meditation and restorative yoga, deeply unwinding before heading back home.


The Space

Ubud Villa

Our Villa is located in the compound of the Bali residence of Indonesia’s famous art and craft guru Warwick Purser. Spread over a three-storey building, seven en-suite bedrooms with six double and one twin beds will accommodate us.

The Villa has many little sheltered break out areas over three levels so you can always find a quiet space to read a book or catch up and chat with a friend over coffee.

At the ground floor we will prepare your breakfast in an open-style kitchen and you will be enjoying it facing a tropical garden and a long lap pool. You will find two living rooms – one opened, one closed – and one bedroom. You can even relax at the sauna, which is quite exceptional in Bali.

The first floor gathers three bedrooms – two double and one twin – three salons and a opened terrace. The top floor bedroom – called “The Honeymoon suite” – features a pavilion and open terrace. You will enjoy massages in a quiet atmosphere, close to heaven… On the other side of the pool a small villa houses the additional two bedrooms and small kitchen and living space.

North Bali Beach Villa

For our last three nights we will drive over the volcano to North Bali and three days at the beach.

A unique and exceptional setting on the north coast of the island of Bali strives to provide a balance of modern comfort with nature, tradition and style in harmony with the incredible beauty and traditional village life for which Northern Bali is well known. The small size and seclusion gives an intimate feel and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility… the perfect place to relax. North Bali has black stone beaches which can be difficult to walk on and the ocean can at times be too wild for swimming, but don’t worry we have a beautiful, huge swimming pool for you overlooking the ocean. 

Just a 3 hour drive from Denpasar airport and a world away from the hustle and traffic of the South and Ubud, set on the edge of the Bali Sea against a backdrop of scenic mountain ranges, surrounded by small villages and local farms. Please note there is nothing to do here, no shops or cafe, the closest supermarket is 30 minute drive away so please bring everything you need with you. 

Relax by the swimming pool, or workout on the gym equipment or read in the one of the spacious day beds. Have a massage or just do nothing and stare out to sea 🙂 

Experience stunning sunrises and sunsets over the sea and fall asleep to soft, rolling waves. We will dine on the terrace overlooking the ocean. Truly heaven on earth.

Hi Girls, if you are looking for somewhere to chill after your retreat or to meet up with friends and family and like the idea of peace and quiet with a little bit of snorkeling then Poinciana Seaside Resort & Retreat Centre is just the ticket. Around 1.5 hours from where we are staying for the last 3 nights, Poinciana is 3 hours from the airport but miles away from busy beaches and bustling crowds. Keep in mind there is nothing to do here, no shops or cafes. The beach is a black rock beach like the rest of North Bali so not perfect for walking on but you can swim and snorkel or take out the kayak, early morning sunrise boat ride or visit the local waterfalls. There are two swimming pools, nice restaurant and day spa and best of all its ocean front and affordable 🙂 Highly recommend and we can also book your accommodation for you and add to your invoice, arrange your transport etc just let us know. http://www.poincianaresortbali.com/


Our life-enriching program includes:

Yoga Asanas: Increase flexibility, tone muscles, strength and cleanses all the internal organs of the body, bringing about balance and harmony. Calm the mind and reduce stress.

Chanting: Experience serene chanting of Sacred Yoga Mantras. A group meditation embraced with beautiful, melodious, singing meditation that lifts the spirit and brings joy to the heart.

Yoga Philosophy: Inspiring talks from the timeless spiritual wisdom of the yoga texts. The teachings of yoga are as meaningful and relevant to us today, as they were 5000 years ago. Reconnect with who you are, gain knowledge of why you are here and what the goal of life is, improving all areas of your life.

Meditation: Learn simple and effective meditation techniques to apply in your daily life for inner peace and harmony. Meditation helps you to gain insights into your real spiritual essence, a perfect way to begin your spiritual journey.

Mindfulness: Daily practices to guide you to be in the present moment – We will have a brief refresher of the basics moving on to more in-depth mindfulness practices and research. 

Relaxation and Breathing: Discover deep relaxation and breathing methods to relieve built up tension, stress and anxiety.

Nia: Inspired by the martial arts, dance arts & healing arts, Nia is a transformational movement & lifestyle practice anchored in body-centred awareness. Offering holistic conditioning and a connection to pleasure, Nia classes are suitable for every body; no experience necessary.

 Tai Chi: A beautiful Heart Opening sequence that you can learn and take with you for your home practice. This sequence takes you on an enjoyable journey for better health and harmony through the power of Tai Chi.

 This retreat is for you if you want to:

Immerse yourself  – in one week of yoga and yoga philosophy, meditation, tai chi and Nia dance which can bring new and exciting elements to your spiritual practice.

Get a new perspectiveGoing to a new place creates an opportunity to experience a new landscape externally but also internally.  

*Actually* meditateWhen you have extended free time, it’s a lot easier to meditate. No cell phone buzzing or boss reminding you about deadlines. On retreats, it feels a lot more natural to breathe deeply and be present in the moment.

Detox digitallyOne of my favourite things about a retreat is shutting off my technology. While we do have wifi, you don’t feel the need to constantly tweet, text, update Facebook or call friends. It feels good to unplug.

Relax and de-stressSometimes we have to be far from home to give ourselves the permission to truly relax. Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from stress. 

Replace old habitsThe best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new healthy one. When you feel motivated you can replace unhealthy habits with conscious new behaviours that support you in being your best self.

Make new friendsUndeniably, you will meet individuals with similar interests. Even if you go alone, you have a chance to make friends with people who you might know for the rest of your life. 

Appreciate home and your life moreWhile a week away is always nice, we often come home with a refreshed appreciation for life, feeling happier, healthier, and re-energised to jump back into your routine with new vigour. Heck, it might even feel fun. 

You deserve it! Thoreau said: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” While this quote might be on your refrigerator, chances are you make excuses about why you can’t YET. Often times the excuses are about money, time or circumstances but guess what, you deserve a break. You work hard for a reason and you can always find reasons why you should or should not do something. The key to happiness is deciding what you really want and making it happen. No excuses.

 You deserve to invest in yourself

This retreat is not for you if ….

You have recently gone through a major crisis and are still very emotionally fragile – the whole experience may be too overwhelming so it may be best to wait until you have regained some inner strength (feel free to contact us if you want to discuss this)

You are seeking a therapeutic program, this is a skills development retreat with a focus on engaging with cultural activities and self care as well as spiritual practices. This does not mean that you will not experience these benefits we just want you to make sure your expectations match our program outline.

You are expecting to have individual sessions/counselling with the retreat leader, unfortunately time does not allow for this. 

Your health and/or mobility prevents you from travelling to a country such as Bali. The footpaths are very uneven and there are stairs at the accommodation.

You expect Bali, a developing nation, to have all of the comforts and conveniences of a Western country. (The places we stay in are beautiful, comfortable and perfectly suited for a retreat experience but Bali is not a western country so things run differently – I guess this needs to be met with a level acceptance and understanding).

This retreat is designed to support busy women to slow down and connect with themselves, in a beautiful location, in a fun and supportive way, whilst in the company of other like-minded women. Go deeper ….. 


Program Itinerary

Day 1 – Friday 15th of September

16:00 – 18:00 – Overview of retreat and introductory session. Setting your intentions for the week. *IT IS COMPULSORY TO ATTEND THIS INTRODUCTORY SESSION. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARRIVE AT THE VILLA IN TIME TO ATTEND. (if you require to come early please discuss with us arranging a room at our villa for an extra night on the 14th, $100AUD) 

  • Welcome, Creating Space, Energy Allies, Setting your personal intentions for the week

  • Walking tour of the local area

19:00 – Opening night dinner Bridges (included) 


Day 2 – Saturday 16th 

7:30 – 8:30 AM – Morning Yoga, Chanting and Meditation

9:00 – Breakfast (included)

9.30 – 11:30 AM – Morning workshop – ReMindfulness – Recapping on the basics of Mindfulness and Meditation, including some new information such as the eight tasks of mindfulness.

12:00 Lunch Elephant Cafe (*self Pay) 

14.00 Spa Treatments at Bali Botanica – 4 hour Spa treatments includes – Relaxing Massage, Body Exfoliation, Bath, Botanica Herbal Facial and Manicure or Hair Crème Bath

19.00 Dinner at one of Ubuds fine restaurants *self pay



Day 3 – Sunday 17th

7:30 – 8:30 AM – Morning Yoga, Chanting and Meditation

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 – 12:00 – Workshop – Kick Start Your Meditation Practice 

Meditation is the most effective mind-body medicine of the current times.

Meditation improves productivity, efficiency and integrative health. It is on par with regular exercise for its proven benefits and is essential exercise for the brain to remain focused and attentive.

It is proven to lead to a decrease in healthcare utilisation, having excellent effects on the cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, immune and endocrine system’s.

Regular meditation practice changes the brains response to stressful stimuli and reduces regular adrenal rushes, anxiety and stress.

Meditation from a spiritual perspective helps us gain insight into the value of impermanence, no self, and liberation of the usual mental constructs. It is a unique way to gain insight into a philosophy and way of life that has inspired for millennia. 

Try several methods of meditation and see what clicks for you, sitting, walking, dancing, mantras, so many to choose from. 

12:00 Lunch Self Pay

13:00 – 15:00 – Workshop – Exploring Compassion

15:00 Free afternoon for shopping and exploring

18.00 Dinner Yellow Flower Café Vegetarian Buffet $10 (*self-pay)


Day 4 – Monday 18th 

4.30am – Mindful and Compassionate Nature Walk with Lu Manis – Balinese Priestess

This nourishing walk takes us through the stunning woodland around Mount Batur, which lies in a huge volcanic crater basin. The area of Kintamani is known for being deeply healing and spiritual. We will walk in the footsteps of the Bali Mula, the first tribe to have arrived on the island of Bali, and experience nature’s five elements with the volcano, lake, earth, cool breeze and a powerful sense of spirit.

By mindfully and silently walking barefoot, we naturally begin to deeply appreciate and reconnect to the land, nature and ourselves. We will also will have the opportunity to release birds and fish back into their natural habitat and enjoy the planting of trees, giving back to mother nature and creating a compassionate relationship with the environment.

Bring an open heart, and as you look back on this day and your new knowledge of Bali, it’s people, traditions and serene beauty, you may also discover a new understanding of yourself and your own inner beauty. 

*Recommended Attire & Items: Loose comfortable clothing, Swim Suit, Sneakers, Waterproof Sandals, Camera

12:00 Lunch Self Pay

13:00 Free afternoon for shopping and exploring

17:30 – 21:30 Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony and 3 course dinner – 5 Elements Puri Ahimsa



Day 5 – Tuesday 19th

9am Breakfast

Departing Ubud at 10 o’clock we will drive to the beach and on the way stop at some local markets for shopping and temple, before arriving at our beach location for an afternoon swim in the pool.

This part of the journey of for total relaxation, massages and lying by the pool.

Afternoon – Settle in 

17:00 – Welcome to the beach afternoon/evening workshop – New moon ceremony

19:00 – Dinner at the beach listening the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore. (included)

After Dinner – Movie Night 

Day 6 – Wednesday 2oth 

24 Hours of Silence – when you wake this morning you will be cocooned in the lovely embrace of silence except for the sound of the ocean. This day is your opportunity for quiet reflection, self practice and just being. During this gift of time and peace for yourself your meals will be arranged for you throughout the day for you to collect, you will also have a massage scheduled to enjoy. The day of silence lasts for 24 hours and included the night as well.

5pm – 6:00pm  Deep Peace Restorative Yoga

7pm Dinner


Day 7 – Thursday 21st 

7:00 – 8:30 AM – Breaking the Sacred Silence followed by Morning Yoga,  Chanting and Meditation

9am Breakfast (included)

10 – 12pm – Workshop – Bringing it all together.

12pm Visit to local cafe for lunch (*self pay)

3 – 5pm – Workshop – Colour Your Emotions – using guidance from Glenda and the colour wheel we will explore the energies of different colours and how we can use them to consciously shift our emotional states. 

5pm – 6pm – Nia Dance Class

7pm – Farewell Dinner (included)


Day 8 – Friday 22nd 

7:00 – 8:00 Morning Meditation and Closing Comments

8:30 – Breakfast

9:30 – Closing ceremony

10:00 – Depart for the airport or next destination, late check out may also be possible but we won’t know until closer to the time. 

*NB – When organising a retreat so far in advance sometimes thing may change slightly.

I look forward to having a fabulous time with you, 

tammie-WR (2)

(4 nights in Ubud – 3 nights in North Bali)


SINGLE – $2250 (AUD)


Retreat Inclusions

  • 7 nights’ accommodation package 

  • 7 Delicious breakfasts, 2 lunches and 4 dinners.

  • Opening Night 3 course dinner at Bridges Restaurant

  • 1 included pre booked 4 hour Spa treatments Ubud – Relaxing Massage, Body Exfoliation, Bath, Botanica Herbal Facial and Manicure or Hair Crème Bath

  • 1 included pre booked 1 hour Massage at the beach

  • Meditation, Chanting, Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia – Practices to calm the mind and soothe the sympathetic nervous system.

  • 4 Workshops on enhancing your meditation practice

  • Learn a daily reflective practice to take home with you

  • Mindfulness and Compassionate Nature walk with Balinese Priestess – Lu Manis

  • Purification Fire Ritual at Agni Hotra at Five Elements includes 3 course dinner or Water Temple visit with Luh Manis for purification.

  • Visit to Bedugal Markets

  • Temple Visit

  • Airport transfer to and from your accommodation

  • Tax and service fees 15.5%

Optional extra’s (additional cost)


What is not included

  • Airfares to and from Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.

  • Entry and exit taxes from Indonesia – Australians are no longer required to pay for a visa on arrival to Indonesia, yay!! You can stay for 30 days. 

  • Personal purchases

  • Drinks and alcohol purchases

  • Additional Spa treatments at Ubud Villa Massage, facials, manicure and pedicure $15

  • Some lunches and dinners (budget approx. $10 for lunch and $15 for dinners on these days)

  • Travel Insurance (which is compulsory)

What to Bring

  • Journal for all your musings and pens

  • An inspirational book you have been wanting to read


Payment Options

A $500AUD non refundable deposit will secure your place on this retreat. This deposit of $500AUD is non refundable which is why travel insurance is compulsory. The remainder is to be paid one month prior to the start of the retreat. Alternatively you can arrange a payment plan. Please see your options below. 

Deposits can be paid via Direct Bank Transfer or via PayPal.

If you pay via PayPal you can use your credit card.

Direct Bank Deposit

Vibrant Women

BSB: 803-205

Account Number: 20375892

For International Guests (outside of Australia) Swift Code: CUSCAU2S

Please write your name and retreat in the reference section.


$500 Deposit via PayPal (3% surcharge applied) Credit Card Option


For monthly Repayments please use the buttons below, included is a $50 administration fee.

Single Room

Twinshare Room

Cancellation Policy

Up until 30 days before the start of the retreat A $500AUD non refundable deposit will be retrained. For 30 days or less $1000AUD will be forfeited as this is peak season in Bali and we have had to pay to secure this accommodation well in advance. This money will not be returned to us, this is why travel insurance is compulsory.