Our Best Retreats for Mother Daughter Time

Our Best Retreats for Mother Daughter Time

Time out Together is a Precious Gift

When do Mothers and Daughters actually get to spend quality time – to really see and listen to each other, share a laugh but most of all, share heart? We have several retreats that we think create the perfect environment for Mother/Daughter bonding. These retreats have been created with just the right balance of pampering and relaxation, yoga and meditation, delish meals and fun girly activities, (everything optional, just do what you enjoy). Check out the dates below and grab your favourite girl/s for the ultimate girls getaway! 


The purpose of this retreat is to learn to use the skills of mindfulness to restore your sense of balance and equanimity. Leave the human race behind and cultivate a sense of inner, abiding peace and contentment. 

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Dive into the time honoured practices of yoga, meditation, dancing, mindfulness, communion with nature, and more! Develop your ability to listen and engage with life that is all around you using your five senses. Discover practical ways to follow your heart in daily life. OUR ONLY AUSTRALIAN RETREAT FOR 2017

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When was the last time you spent quality time with your Mum or Daughter? Make 2017 the year to catch up, and enjoy quality time, laughter, fun, relaxation, and make memories 🙂


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