The Deep Peace Relaxation Retreat allows you ‘turn off’ stress and release tension from the physical, emotional and psychic human systems, which all become overburdened in busy, modern lifestyles.

During this very special retreat, you’ll be gently guided to find your way back… to yourself.

If you’re feeling the need to completely let go, then this program was created for people just like you. You’ll finally be given the opportunity to completely switch off – in total luxury and seclusion.

Rediscover yourself, slowly merging with nature and stillness as you enjoy soothing spa treatments and massage. Revisit the joy of inner calm through gentle yoga, meditation and deep relaxation exercises, as well as the serenity of Watsu Water Therapy. 

The Deep Peace Relaxation Retreat program will remind you how to access the benefits of absolute peace and serenity. Our program offers you the ultimate escape into a relaxation, spa and pamper indulgence far away from everyday life, and you’ll leave feeling cleansed, revitalised and rejuvenated.

This is a very intimate retreat with just 8 rooms available. 


            Extending far down from the top or surface.

            Great, extensive, profound, unplumbed

            Peace - noun

            Freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.

            Calm, calmness, restfulness, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quiet, silence, soundlessness, hush, noiselessness, stillness,


            The state of being free from tension and anxiety.

            Mental repose, composure; calming oneself, loosening up, unwinding, winding down

Retreat Inclusions:

  • 5 nights in luxury accommodation
  • All Breakfasts
  • One day entry tickets into the Bali Meditation Festival (If this is not occurring due to lack of numbers, we will have a sight seeing excursion instead)
  • One Relaxation Treatment – Balinese massage, body scrub and flower petal bath (2 hours)
  • Two morning yoga classes at Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio
  • One Watsu water therapy session at Taksu Spa, includes hair wash and blow dry afterwards.
  • Five workshops designed to help you cultivate deep peace and calm in your life


Optional Extras:

  • Cooking class or silversmith jewellery making class ($35 each can be arranged for you throughout free time)
  • Additional Spa treatments
  • Airport Transfers 1.5 hr (IDR 350,000 each way per car) arranged by Bali Biu Retreat company for your convenience. To organise you airport transfer please fill out the request form.

What is not included:

  • Airfares to and from Denpasar Bali, Indonesia
  • Airport transfers (Approx. $35 each way per car)
  • Visa fees on entrance and exit from Indonesia
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Personal purchases
  • Travel Insurance (which is compulsory)

Please contact our personal Travel Agent Karen if you would like help with your flights or travel insurance.



Tammie Day  is a counsellor and group facilitator of 17 years. She runs retreats
and workshops throughout Australasia and has a particular interest in the
positive psychology movement, Buddhism and cultivating mindfulness. She weaves
these ideas throughout her retreats and workshops, to provide you with tools to
create lasting change and happiness in your life.        







5 Nights package rate per person:  Single ONLY $2,120 per person per room


Your Accommodation – Villa Nirvana

Villa Nirvana is located in the village of Penestanan in Ubud, a part of Bali most famous for its art, culture and spirituality – as well as breathtaking natural beauty.

The complex comprises four separate and private villas, each with two bedrooms, and its own pool. It also has its own restaurant – known as the finest in Penestanan – that overlooks a gorge, and serves a variety of cuisines.

Villa Nirvana also has its own in house spa which offers a variety of massages, beauty and health treatments in a lush, natural setting.

Luxurious, with a rustic charm, Villa Nirvana is a haven of tranquillity. No cars are allowed to drive by. Outside the villa is a walking path and bike trail, covered by a canopy of trees. On either side are little warungs (small local eateries), and the occasional art gallery. Beyond lie lush rice-paddies. Amid this beauty and quietude, you’d never guess that you’re just a 15 minute walk away from the centre of Ubud.

Villa facilities

Rosella tea on arrival   

Soft drink mini bar   

Indovision TV with remote control   

WiFi internet access   

Individually controlled air-conditioning   

Hot and cold running water   

Personal safety box in all villas   

Coffee and tea making facilities   

On request:    Kimono/Room slippers/Hair dryer/DVD player/Iron with ironing board

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Airbnb has the best photos of Villa Nirvana for you to view - check it out, totally lush!!

The Workshops

The focus of this retreat is to learn a centering and grounding technique that will leave you feeling emotionally ready to take on life, with restored equilibrium and a fresh, balanced perspective.

Tammie Day has developed the B.A.L.A.N.C.E.™ Method, to help people bring about emotional stability, control and peace within their lives. The B.A.L.A.N.C.E.™ Method is a 7-Stage process, which will equip you with powerful short and long-term tools for real change.

“Feelings are much like waves. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf.”

 B – Breathing techniques.

A – Awareness – focused attention, specifically on thoughts and bodily sensations.

L – Let go or be (harder than you might think!) An excellent skill to encourage.

A – Ask for guidance/help/assistance – this can come from internal or external resources.

N – Nurture Yourself – we have lots of yummy activities planned that do this!

C – Choice and Compassion for yourself and others. Let loving kindness provide a refuge for you.

E – Evolve. Notice your evolving resilience, and build on it each day.

Balance Method

Program Outline


Day 1

Arrive 2pm arrive, welcome drink, have a swim and settle into your room.

Introductory session 4pm (compulsory to attend)

5pm depart for dinner – stunning sunset views from Indus Restaurant


Day 2

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast

9 – 11am Yoga Pranala with Linda


Intuitive flow Yoga Studio – Linda Madani

For me yoga is a form of spiritual development, which fortifies our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. It’s not about religion but about connecting with our divine self. The divine is interpreted in many outer forms according to the different cultures within the different religions. In yoga we learn to connect our individual consciousness to the source. Yoga is complementary to any religion. Yoga is a safe place where we can all unite. I usually start my yoga class with a practice of mudra pranala (Balinese qi gong/energy work) to train my students to switch from thinking to sensing. In a yoga pranala practice we merge our left brain functions of intellect and individual will with our right brain functions of receptivity, intuition and instinct.

The practice always begins by opening one’s heart. Only when the heart is open can the energy flow into the body and we can connect with our divine consciousness. We learn to feel, to follow and to channel the energy in our body by increasing our sensibility to the energy of mother-earth (feminine, negative) and to the energy of the universe (masculine, positive). The fusion of both poles manifests itself inside the body as prana: the life force energy. Prana and energy movements are essential for healing mind, body and spirit. In Balinese lontars, pra means first, prana power, nala inner fire and pranala circulation.

At first, it is the mind that leads the energy but eventually it is the energy that leads the mind. Once we become sensitive to the energy and allow it to flow, our life also begins to flow. There is harmony, peace, and tranquility for those who dare to go inside of themselves. We just have to be aware, to understand and to know that the divine already exists within each of us.

When our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are in alignment, we are healthy. Energy blockages in any of these bodies cause illnesses. When the different bodies are in balance, one has limitless health and energy. We need to tap into the self-healing wisdom within the energy fields of our different bodies but most importantly, we need to anchor our consciousness into the earth plane.

Yoga teaches us to go beyond our limits. As we stretch our muscles past our limit, we learn that we can go beyond the limits we have set ourselves in our life, beyond the limits of the 5 senses mind. This is the journey that I have set for myself and I wish to invite you to take it with me.

You can also book a private healing session with Linda – find out more here

11:30 – 12:30 Lunch (self-pay )

13:00 – 14:00 Workshop 1 – Using Your Breath to Calm Your Mind and Regulate Emotions

This workshop is dedicated to supporting you to regulate your emotions. If respond inappropriately to situations we can cause grief and suffering to ourselves and those around us. This workshop will not focus so much on the causes of our emotions, i.e. past hurts, unmet needs, unresolved issues etc, instead we will focus on operating in a conscious way throughout life, regardless of the trigger, bringing calm into our everyday lives.

14:00 – 15:00 Workshop 2 – Awareness and Acceptance

Awareness is the first key to any behaviour change. Are you aware of what’s happening in your Mind?

During this workshop we will explore the three key functions of the brain: the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, the filtering system.

Finding Acceptance = Finding peace

Acceptance means being willing to experience a situation as it is, rather than how we want it to be.  Not to be willing (wilfulness) means trying to impose our will on a situation.  A willingness to accept things as they are, not as we think they should be.

Knowing the difference between what we can control and what we can’t control can free our lives. Repeatedly ‘turning the mind’.  To be in the actual situation you are in, rather than the situation you think you’re in, or think you should be in.  Your mind is always going to give you other ideas, interpretations, reminding you of old strategies.  Each time your mind wanders and you notice these other thoughts and images, simply bring your attention back to this moment.  Not judging the situation to be good, or bad, or in any way.  Simply bringing your attention back to this moment, this situation, and being effective in this situation.

15:00 onwards Afternoon free for spa treatments

Dinner (self-pay)

After dinner – relaxation meditation


Day 3

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Free day for shopping or sightseeing

Dinner (self-pay)


Day 4

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast

10:00 – 11:00 – Workshop 3 – Letting Go

So what is letting go?

What are the consequences of not letting go?

Why do we hold onto things for so long to things that cause us pain and suffering?

Ways out of the vicious cycle.

11:00 – 12:00 Workshop 4 – Asking for help or guidance

There are many ways we can seek help, we can talk to friends or seek professional help or ask our spirit guides if that’s part of your belief system, however in this session we will use particular tools that tap into our subconscious mind and allow us to access our internal wisdom.

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch  (self-pay)

Free afternoon for shopping, spa treatments or lying by the pool.

Some people will also have their Watsu Water Therapy Treatment booked in on this afternoon.


Watsu Water Therapy

Enjoy a deeply relaxing session in Taksu’s salt water Watsu pool!

Watsu is a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water, (around 35°C.) It combines elements of massage, joint mobilization, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance. Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which frees the body in ways impossible on land.

Therapeutic for pain syndromes, post injury or post surgery, or specific movement restrictions…or just enjoy Watsu for the experience of relaxation, blissful letting go, time-out, and the quiet meditative stillness it can induce.

“Imagine, the warmth and sense of weightlessness induced by water,… your eyes closed, so there is just the play of light across your eyelids, your ears are under the water so the sound of the world is muffled. The world starts to disappear, leaving just yourself and your experience of body and being in the water, nothing to do, nowhere to go, just receiving and letting go, into the graceful movement, rocking cradling and gentle rhythm. It is no wonder people speak of states of bliss and levels of relaxation never before imagined.”

19:00 Dinner (self-pay)


Day 5

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast

Exploring Yoga with Linda 10.30 – 12.30

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch (self-pay)

14:00 - 16:00 Workshop 5 – Nurturing Yourself

Nurturing yourself in an ongoing part of maintaining your health and well being. During this week you will have lots of opportunities for this but in this session we will focus on self massage, a wonderful form of self love available to you at all times when you are feeling stressed or run down.

Workshop 6 – Compassion

When all of our good intentions and efforts fail we need to be able to have compassion for ourselves. In this session we will practice the Buddhist meditation practice of “Loving Kindness”. This practice encourages us to open our hearts and make space to love ourselves, faults and all.

Workshop 7 – Spiritual Evolution

Often we don’t spend enough time noticing our evolving development, but you are not the same person you were 10 or 15 years ago are you? Or even 6 months ago! However we don’t often recognise the full wonder of our personal growth. All of the things we have discussed over the past week have related to personal growth, but now we will focus on our spiritual development, this is important because when all else fails this faith can carry us through. Spirituality gives meaning and purposes to our lives. Get clear about your spiritual path in life.

19:00 Farewell dinner – Bridges Restaurant (Self-Pay)


Day 6

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast

9:00 – 1 0:00 Closing Ceremony

12:00 Checkout Villa Nirvana

 Leave Ubud ….




For the Balinese Community…

Personal Goods If you have clothing, shoes, hats, used laptop computer or whatever you think could be useful for people that are not so fortunate, do not hesitate to take it a long as a donation for the village people. It is not necessary, yet it would certainly be appreciated.

Help the women of Bali – Robin is a dedicated woman from USA that has created a foundation to help pregnant Balinese women, visit the foundation website and contact them to see what you could bring from your country to help the Balinese women.

Help the orphaned kids Ketut is helping less fortunate children in Ubud. As education is not free in Bali school is often not an option. Since 2004 his organisation has given children the opportunity to obtain an education and to break the cycle of poverty. The organisation is eager to welcome any donation of kids clothing and it is also possible to sponsor a less fortunate kid.