“Personal Baggage – Lighten Your Load and Improve Your Relationships”


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If you’re confused by the myriad self-help stuff for human relationships, you need a simple, one-stop shop. Enter Tammie’s new book:

“Personal Baggage ~ Lighten Your Load and Improve Your Relationships”

During her recent adventures in Bali, Tammie had a revelation about a universal aspect of the human condition. She was inspired to explore the comical realisation that her fun and travels were hampered by her excess baggage, drawing parallels with human relations.

In this entertaining and easy-to-read guide, Tammie digs out gems of Contemporary research and using her considerable experience as a counsellor, weaves a compassionate and practical basket of must-have tools for modern People.

Each chapter is divided into four easy sections:

  • introduction
  • tools to ‘lighten your load’
  • a list of resources on topics of interest
  • a cheat sheet for your partner (who let’s face it willnever read the whole thing)

Great relationships take energy to sustain and it can’t happen if you’re carrying your own body-weight in psychic luggageyou’ll be too exhausted! Are you an emotional hoarder, clinging onto heavy stuff that belongs on the dumpster? Do you unwittingly collect useless chunks of ex-lovers? (Yecchhh!!!) Are you inflicting your mental ‘museum of failed romances’ on potential/current partners? Are you subconsciously dating your parents? (Say it isn’t so!!!)

If you answered “YES” to these questions, read Tammie’s take on the consequences of ‘excess baggage’ which affect us all…

“…We arrive at every relationship with our bags fully packed. We may think we’re aware of the baggage we bring, but in my own experience, we’re often just aware of the top few items (probably undies) which get used all the time. You may even have an awareness of the issues but aren’t sure what to do about them. In this book you will learn to understand and resolve some of the Personal issues you’re carrying. You’ll learn to create optimum relationships which sustain you, and allow you to grow into the best possible person and partner you can be…”

Tammie presents a fascinating look at the nitty-gritty origins of our personalities and how these can translate into healthy adult relationships, OR a string of ‘train-wrecks’! Read on…

“Although a large proportion of our development is conducted during childhood, we continue to collect other issues along the way. These are largely our experiences from past intimate relationships, and habits we have created over a lifetime—these newer items can have our bags bursting at the seams!”

With her customary insight, Tammie Day offers you the gift of a circuit-breaker, and invites you to a grand stock-take of old patterns in an invigorating Spring-clean of the emotions…



WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE HAD TO SAY ABOUT “Personal Baggage ~ Lighten Your Load and Improve Your Relationships”

“I liked the sense I got from reading your book that I am normal, with all the foibles, hangups and neuroses that go with it. I felt identified, and this in itself was gratifying, to know that I am not alone and that there are many avenues to change. I found chapter 11’s guide to different therapeutic practices, explained in lay mans terms, very interesting. The Lessons Learned sections provided useful real world examples/practices of the preceding content, making the subject matter far more human (or humane?) than a text book on the subject.” (Al)

“Personal baggage gave our relationship a boost forward by enabling us with insightful tools and giving my partner and I a better understanding of why we behave differently when confronted with the same situations. I’d like you to know that I really enjoyed the read. It was very easy to understand and I the examples used I was able to easily relate to. As I have difficulties with my attention span the language used was both insightful and encouraging so I was stuck reading for the day so that was a win for me! CHEAT SHEETS!!! Who would a thunk it!! A book my partner and I can both read – hehe.” (Yanna)

“Thanks for saving our lives” (Trees)

“If you mentioned the time I accidently left you in the supermarket when you were three again, I won’t be happy.” (Your Mother)

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